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Tips For Better Heating Efficiency This Fall

Running your furnace is typically “cheaper” than running your air conditioner, but that does not mean you do not need to be eco-conscious in the colder months. While you sleep, your house eats up those precious dollars you earned at work the day before, and often these money wasters happen without you knowing – until you see your next heating bill.

Lower Your Energy Bills This Fall With These 5 Tips For Better Furnace Efficiency:

  1. Air Filters: When your air filter becomes dirty or clogged, your furnace works twice as hard to heat your home. That means it uses more gas, and your heating bills go up as a result. Even worse,  you are putting harder miles on your unit, which means a shortened lifespan.
  2. Seal Up The House: The biggest money wasters are your windows and doors. When you have inadequate caulking around the windows, your heated air escapes and cool air enters. Check the weather-stripping on your doors and garage, and then review the caulk around your windows. It is one of the least expensive maintenance tasks you can do to improve efficiency.
  3. Control the Thermostat: Lowering your thermostat and putting on an extra layer of clothing can save much more than you realize. All it takes is dropping it a few degrees at night while you are warm in bed, turning it up in the morning, then lowering it while you are away at work. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can set it according to a schedule that follows your routine and make adjustments for the weekends when everyone is home.
  4. Insulate: Even if you are mindful of the thermostat, change your air filter, and have superior seals, your insulation could be the reason you waste money month-after-month. Make sure you have a higher R-value on your home’s insulation to improve efficiency.
  5. Maintain: Tune-up your system so that dirt and debris is removed which helps prevent your furnace from working overtime. Furthermore, during these appointments, our technicians catch potential problems and can assess the overall efficiency of your unit. By making sure your system is tested, tuned, and updated seasonally, you are more likely to save money.

Save money this season’s by preparing your furnace for the cool fall air. It’s always a good idea to bring in the pros from Royal Air Heating & Air Conditioning in Howell, NJ.

Our technicians can perform seasonal maintenance, and also conduct an efficiency test to see where you might be losing energy. Time for a new furnace? We will assess your home and find an energy-efficient furnace just in time for winter.

Request an estimate for maintenance or call us at (732) 409-3322 to schedule a consultation for a new furnace.

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