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Duct Replacement

Maximum Efficiency and Comfort for Your Home

Your home’s ductwork is how your HVAC system moves hot and cold air throughout the home. Supply ducts are what bring fresh air, while return ducts take air back to the unit so that it can create heated or cooled air.

When your ductwork is inadequate or poorly planned, it can decrease the comfort of your home but also the efficiency of your air conditioner or furnace. Even the highest quality unit will lose energy with poor ductwork. Therefore, if you have outdated duct work or you are installing a new HVAC system, now is the time to consider replacing the ductwork too.

Reasons for Ductwork Inefficiency

If your home is uncomfortable, such as one room that is too hot or cold, or inadequate heating and cooling, you most likely have a ductwork issue.

In many cases, the common complaints homeowners have about the inefficiency and lack of comfort from their home stem from the ductwork. Here are just some reasons your ductwork could use a replacement or repair:

  • Leakage: A common cause of inefficiency is leakage. Ductwork must be sealed extra tight because even the slightest hole or opening allows air to escape before reaching individual rooms. That means your system runs longer and harder to cool or heat – which costs you more and reduces the lifespan of that unit.
  • Poor Insulation: Older ducts do not have the right amount of insulation, which means your ductwork is now working against the HVAC and forcing it to cool or heat the ductwork before it can supply the right temperature inside your home. This increases your HVAC costs tremendously.
  • Balanced Air Flow: Old or poorly planned ductwork can create unbalanced air flow, which means your registers are not bringing enough air back to the HVAC system and leave too much heat or cold air in one room over the other.

Call in the Pros for Complete Ductwork Solutions

The team at Royal Air can help you identify what is missing in your existing ductwork and repair or replace it so that you get the most out of your home’s comfort system. We can perform testing for air flow and leakage, seal leaky ducts, and insulate properly to prevent undesired temperature changes.

We can also help balance the system you have by adding the proper number of supply vents and returns so that airflow is properly pushed around your home.

Request your estimate today for ductwork replacement or enhancement online or call 732-409-3322 to schedule an in-home estimate.

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